Forgot your homework? Don’t have your Planner?  Home sick?


Please make sure to check for the HOMEWORK at www.edmodo.com and press the Planner button that will take you to our Calendar.

Since Edmodo is down right now, here you go!

Monday, October 22

Please finish the Grape List review of Chapter 3 and print out 2 or 3 pictures to put into your Mesopotamia Travel Brochure (map, ziggurat, etc.)

Tuesday, October 23

Work on your Mesopotamia Travel Brochure:  remember to include 6 categories from the Grape List, drawings, pictures, etc.  Make it colorful, great and informative with a snappy and original slogan!

Wednesday, October 24

Study for Chapter 3 Test on Thursday/Friday


3 thoughts on “Homework

  1. Brooks Hogenauer

    Hi Mr.N the edmodo sit is down so I was wondering how I could give do the homwork

  2. Zophia Payne-Carter

    Hi Mr. Nelson, I am looking for 2 homework and I can not find both of them, please reply as soon as possible.

  3. Rhys Campbell

    Hi Mr. Nelson I am not able to find the homework on the edmodo site so I was wondering if you could just tell me what the homework is. Thank you

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